About Us

The company SHIKKIS BROS LTD was established in 1992 and is foremost a family business. It is the largest glass processing company in Cyprus for both the construction and decorative industry undoubtedly equivalent to similar foreign companies. Based on automation, the most advanced machinery of our industry and our qualified personnel we offer our customers the best service and the latest products available in the glass processing market today.

Based on the three principles QUALITY, ON TIME DELIVERY and VALUE FOR MONEY we have adjusted our production procedures to European standards resulting in products similar or superior to the imported.

Having in our disposal one of the most advanced glass processing plants in the Middle East with ISO 9001 specifications, we offer to our customers in Cyprus processed glass for both the construction and decorative industry. Using machinery of the latest technology we apply the most advanced procedures of cutting, engraving, drilling and rounding the glass, offering our associates outstanding product quality.

Here at SHIKKIS BROS LTD we are very well aware of the problems that can be generated in both the construction and decorative industry in cases of delayed delivery. Therefore we do our up most to stay within the time schedule as defined at the order time by our associates.

Our company considers each customer an important associate leading to long-term relationships beneficial for both parties. By adopting this philosophy we make sure to provide the most competitive prices to our associates.

Based in Larnaca our rich diversity of products is available on a national scale which among others the following are included:

  • Glass stair-railings
  • Shop fronts
  • Glass doors (Pivot, Sliding, Folding, Automatic)
  • Glass Partitions
  • Double glazing units
  • Mirrors
  • Vitro-stained glass
  • Fusing
  • Digital Printing NEW